Instant Pot Terminology


Abbreviations & Terms used in the “Instant Pot Community” Facebook Group

IP = Instant Pot

PC = Pressure Cooker

EPC = Electric Pressure Cooker

QR = Quick Release
Open valve & release steam quickly

NR = Natural Release
Leave valve closed & allow pressure to drop on it’s own.

NPR = Natural Pressure Release
(same as Natural Release)

10 min NPR = Let pressure drop on it’s own for 10 minutes,
then open valve to release remaining steam.

HP = High Pressure

Mini = 3 quart Instant Pot

Water Test = Initial Test Run. A trial run using just water
to familiarize you with how the Instant Pot works.

Trivet = the metal rack that goes in the bottom
of your pot to keep food out of the liquid.

Seal / Ring = Silicone sealing ring for lid.

Pin = Float Valve. Silver or Red (8qt) pin in lid
that pops up when the pot pressurizes.

Handle / Vent / Knob = Steam Release. Handle on
lid that you turn to either Sealing or Venting.

Shield = Anti-Block Shield. Metal cover over the
steam release valve (inside the lid).

Condensation Collector = Plastic cup that attaches to the back
of the pot to collect liquid that drains from the rim of the pot.
Not all models come with a condensation collector.

PIP = Pot In Pot. Food is put in pan/bowl
before putting in Instant Pot.

Sling = Aluminum foil strip used to remove
pans when using the Pot-In-Pot method.

Deglaze = Add liquid to pot after you saute & scrape
all the food bits off the bottom of the pot.

HBE = Hard Boiled Egg

6-6-6 = method for cooking hard boiled eggs.
6 minute cook time-6 minute natural pressure
release-6 minutes in ice bath.

Fat Daddio = Brand name for springform & push pans.

Pothead = Instant Pot user


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