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The “Less-Normal-More” buttons on the Instant Pot confuse users.
First lets clear up what they don’t do:
They do not adjust the Pressure Level.

They adjust Temperature & Cook Time:

-On non-pressure functions they give you different temperatures.
(Saute, Slow Cook, Yogurt)

-On most of the presets they give you different preset cook times.
(Soup, Meat, Beans, etc.)   You can also adjust the preset times
further by using the + and – buttons.

-On most models Less-Normal-More doesn’t work on the Rice function.

-Less-Normal-More doesn’t work for the Manual/Pressure Cook function.
To adjust the cook time on Manual/Pressure Cook use the + and – buttons.

-To adjust Less-Normal-More use the “Adjust” button on most models.

-If your model doesn’t have an “Adjust” button press your function
button again to cycle through the Less-Normal-More settings.

-On the Ultra model you make your time & temp selections on the display.

So, how do you adjust the Pressure Level?

-Use the “Pressure” or “Pressure Level” button to select either
High Pressure or Low Pressure.

-If you have a Lux model you don’t have this option.
The Lux model only has High Pressure.

-On the Ultra model you adjust the settings on the display.

NOTE: When making your adjustments you must do it quickly.
You only have 10 seconds after you press your function button to
make your adjustments before they become locked in.
If you don’t do it quick enough just press “Cancel” & start over.

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